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Do you need a clever protective cover?
Improving lives through the manufacture of Clever Protective Covers
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Moisture Vapour Protection Bags

MVP Engine Bag for Aerospace Engines

Our Moisture Vapour Protection (MVP) Bags, sometimes referred to as water vapour resistant bags, are designed to provide an all-encompassing solution for your assets. They provide full protection from not only moisture and vapour, but airborne particles and corrosive or contaminating elements. We manufacture these with a moisture vapour barrier material with a reduced end weight. These are purposefully constructed with stronger properties than the industry standard. They are used for engine change units, propulsion units and associated equipment.

Engines can be stored in the fully sealed bags for as long as possible, guaranteeing protection from the elements whilst mounted on trolleys for storage and transportation. The MVP bags enable quick engines changes for the likes of busy airports required to follow tight turnaround times.

Our Moisture Vapour Protection bags can come fully fitted with an internal desiccant net and Skydrol spill pad, so you don’t need to add any additional safety parameters. This allows for less maintenance requirements and engine down time. 

Our bespoke MVP Bags are suitable for aerospace and military industries for the best protection. Ou material is made to the DEF-STAN 81-101 standards which describes the requirements for robust or semi-robust water vapour resistant (WVR) bags used in military packaging and storage applications. The bags are also hermetically sealed to ensure a complete airtight storage and all are tested to ensure no air leaks. The high-quality construction and robust material allows for component integrity in any scenario. 

They are suitable for all engines, including Rolls Royce, CFM International LEAP and GE Aerospace.

Features & Benefits of Cunningham MVP Bags

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Durability & Longevity​

As this is a stronger material, we manufacture these tarpaulins with extra tear reinforcing in stress prone areas to avoid any potential risk of damage and to provide a high-quality, durable finish. They are reusable for many years!

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Flame Retardant & UV Stable​​

MVP bags are UV stable, providing protection in warmer climates & reduce colour degradation. The high-grade material is flame retardant and due to its make-up; is self-extinguishing should it encounter a fire outbreak.​

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Waterproof & Lightweight

Can protect equipment in any environment due to its lightweight, and 100% waterproof nature. The added benefit of lightweight material allows easy access and manoeuvring for operatives.

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Easy Fitting & Maintenance​​

Simply lift and place the engine into the bag on the trolley and zip the full way around. Once sealed, if your bag has added buckles, you can fasten and tension. The bags come fitted with lifting and hanging loops for easy placement and movement.​

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Suitable for all Engine Types

From large jet engines to smaller turbo engines. With our unique interchangeable sections, it allows one part to be repaired or replaced should it become damaged.

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Range of Colours​

Multiple colours available for manufactured our MVP bags, so you can fully customise to suit your business requirements. Bespoke branding and additional clear inspection windows can also be added.

Bespoke Moisture Vapour Protection Bags

Our capabilities are endless, everything we manufacture can be tailored and branded by our in-house printing and production departments. Our MVP bags can also be adapted to frames so they are protected during storage, moving and even long-haul shipping. You can therefore choose to enclose certain sections during maintenance.

Fully bespoke – all our bags are fully bespoke and can be made to suit all sizes and shapes of engines. We can add additional buckle and tension connectors which allows for a snug fitting.

As the tarpaulin experts, we understand that repairs may be required, so we offer a full repair service with collection and re-delivery of all bags. Repair kits can also be provided to reduce downtime. We can manufacture and provide storage for stock bags, with the option of JIT delivery as required.

We provide a range of tarpaulin solutions for the Industrial, Marine and Aviation Industries. Click here to view our Aviation cover solutions.

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